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How does it work with two wallets?
It’s very easy, you can contact us for more information.
Is there an option for manual Deposit?
Yes there’s an option for that, kindly contact us through the support team.
How to Withdraw Money
You can withdraw your money to your cryptocurrency wallet and a larger amount to your bank account. Instant reflection for withdrawal.
How can I upgrade my Ranking
You contact the support.
How the Referral Levels works?
Once you have shared your referred link, you will earn 10% of any deposit your referral makes into their trading account.
About our packages
Our packages are constantly changing depending on the current rate of cryptocurrency in the global market. Subscribing to a higher package will allow you to earn more. We are confident that whatever package you subscribe to will provide you with the best results. We advise our new investors to start with a higher package in order to maximize their earnings from the start.
What is CFD
CFD - Contract for Difference. CFD is type of financial asset which helps trader to gain and earn in a continuous way. By predicting the move of a currency, trader can choose to open BUY or SELL contract for any asset.

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